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CariMAN’s 2020 workplan

CariMAN’s 2020 workplan consists of 6 core components: Network Building & Strengthening through the formalization of Governance Structures, both at the regional and country levels;

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Sign the Men’s Pledge


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All women and girls deserve to live a life free from violence and fear. However, harmful attitudes, values and beliefs about what it means to be a man contribute to the violence that women and girls experience on a daily basis. To help change this reality, I must take stock of my personal life, my behaviour in private and public, and how I interact with others. I accept that I have a responsibility to end violence against women, children and vulnerable persons.

Therefore, I pledge to:

  1. Have peaceful relationships. I will never commit any form of violence, sexual assault, or abuse against women and children. I will resolve conflicts without violence and ask for help when it is difficult to do so.

  2. Value what women say. I will recognize women’s contributions, listen to their experiences and not interrupt their speech.

  3. Treat women with respect. I will not catcall women or girls on the street nor behave in any way that is offensive, humiliating or intimidating.

  4. Respect consent. I will respect women’s boundaries, never make assumptions and know that consent must always be clear and freely given and can be withdrawn at any time.

  5. Share the care. I will play a greater role in household chores and childcare.

  6. Hold other men accountable. I will interrupt men who are using hurtful behaviour or speech and not tolerate inappropriate jokes about women.

  7. Spread the word. I will encourage other men to sign this pledge and to practice the values it promotes.

  8. Ask for help. If for any reason, I am unable to fulfil this pledge, I will reach out to others for support.

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