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CariMAN Membership Form

Caribbean Male Action Network (CariMAN) is a regional network of individuals and organizations in Caribbean region working to challenge existing social and cultural beliefs and norms around masculinities and advocate for equality and justice for all.

CariMAN is organized as a regional not-for-profit organisation, registered under the jurisdiction of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

CariMAN members and partners work collectively and individually toward advancing gender justice, human rights and social justice to achieve a world in which all can enjoy healthy, fulfilling and equitable relationships and their full potential.

Specifically, CariMAN members must be:

  • A registered NGO or an individual working in health, violence prevention, social development, gender equality or related area
  • Willing to sign the statements of core principles and code of conduct (see below)
  • Willing to fill out a simple questionnaire describing activities (specifically focusing on activities related to engaging men and boys)

This form has two (2) sections, the first section is for individuals (who are not registering an organization for membership) and the second section is for organizations interested in joining our network. Please complete the relevant section.

By registering as a member, you are signing on to our Code of Conduct as well as our Core Principles. We ask that you take the time to review both before filling out your membership form.

We will put you in touch with your corresponding country coordinator within one week of completing the form. Please note that country networks may have additional membership requirements.


Certification of Core Principles

By becoming a member of CariMAN, you pledge to uphold in your individual/family, local, national and/or international actions the following core principles. The Executive Committee of CariMAN reserves the right to refuse membership status to any organization or individual who is perceived as acting against the principles by its public actions, its publications or the actions of its staff.

Core Principles are:

Our overall principles are founded on human rights and gender justice for all principles, including but not limited to:

  • We believe men and boys should be advocates for gender, social and environmental justices.
  • We affirm the principles of gender equality, and that people of all gender identities should work together towards the common vision of gender and social justice, and freedom of all forms of discrimination and violence.
  • We acknowledge and respect the diversity among men and boys in the Caribbean region, in terms of age, religion/spiritual beliefs, ethnicity, class, ability, educational background, sexual orientation and identities, geography and any other status to promote positive development, livelihood and existence.
  • We encourage men and boys – and all others – to be committed to their families and work to overcome challenges, ideologies and stereotypes that prevent all men from becoming equal partners in the care of children and domestic tasks.
  • We believe men and boys in the Caribbean region should critically reflect on our histories and engage in the continuous process of self-examination of the patriarchal power inequalities with humility, responsibility, compassion and mutual respect.

Certification of Code of Conduct

This section outlines a set of institutional and personal principles for membership. Should a member witness, or personally experience, a breach of any of these codes of conduct, please review the situation with individuals in your CariMAN country network and from your organization and seek their input.

In some cases, those organizations that violate this Code of Conduct may face expulsion from CariMAN, and, for criminal behavior, may face legal repercussions in accordance with local laws.

CariMAN members are aware that both their positive and negative actions reflect back upon their organization and the network as a whole. For this reason, CariMAN will work to hold one another accountable for actions that go against the Principles and Values of the Network. The most important thing to remember is that the integrity of CariMAN is dependent upon members who are critically aware of their actions as well as those of others, including close friends and colleagues. CariMAN strives to adhere to the implementation of the Accountability standards that the MenEngage Alliance has for its international network.

Collaboration and Collective Learning
As a regional network, CariMAN and its members agree to work with community-based, national, sub-regional, regional, and international partners, beneficiaries and stakeholders to pursue individual and collective objectives. This includes sharing of resources (human, financial, material), information, contacts, and any other assets once not protected by confidentiality agreements. We endeavor to ensure that our efforts at the local/regional/international level are not competitive but intentionally adds to institutional strengthening and/or capacity development of our partners.

Diversity and Inclusion
CariMAN is committed to building relationships and partnering with people of all identities founded upon respect, speaking out against violence and injustice in your community, sharing decision-making power with others, respecting human diversity in all its forms, and recognizing and upholding the rights of others in all circumstances, including humanitarian crises situations. It also means being critically aware of the interconnections between gender inequality and other prevalent social and structural injustices such as classism, racism, economic inequality, and so on.

Healthy Relationships
CariMAN members take a “do no harm” approach to the work they do in communities at country and regional levels. For this reason, it is important to ensure healthy relationship among the members, partners and community members (the right holders), including the strategies allies, partners and other stakeholders affected and/or impacted by their programs. We believe that CariMAN as a network will put its utmost efforts to have healthy relationship with the gender, social and environmental justice organizations and networks within the region and internationally.

As individual members, organizations, Country Networks and Regional Network, we commit that our personal and professional words and actions will be consistent with strong moral and ethical principles and values. This includes being honest, reliable and fair within our families, communities, workplaces and with beneficiaries and external stakeholders. As a network, it means adhering to our collective values and to this code of conduct as reflected in our practice, public image and publications.

Love and Empathy
Our work may mean nothing if we are not guided by love. We commit to showing genuine concern for others and taking time to understand their situations. People must feel safe around us and our relationships should be marked with patience, kindness and generosity.

We as members of CariMAN will not discriminate against others for reasons pertaining to national origin, race, color, religion, gender, age, language, physical or mental ability, sexual orientation and identities, socioeconomic or marital status, nor for any other reason. Members who come across such instances of discrimination will actively question and challenge them both inside and outside the workplace.

CariMAN members commit to practice non-judgmental behavior in all our interactions. This means that we choose to accept others for who they are even if we may disagree. We also commit to be reflective and question our own feelings, assumptions and biases, and adopt an empathetic approach when dealing with others.

CariMAN members are committed to the principle of non-violence, under all circumstances, and work to prevent and combat violence in all its forms, including sexual and gender-based violence, violence against women, children, and male interpersonal violence. Violation of this principle of non-violence may adversely affect the efforts of CariMAN and lead to the tarnishing of the network’s beliefs and principles. Thus, members must hold all of their fellow activists/leaders accountable to a rigorous anti-violence standard. Violation of this provision may lead to the removal of the member’s affiliation with CariMAN.

CariMAN members commit to honoring and valuing others, regardless of their background, in our communication (written/oral, verbal/non-verbal), behavior and decisions. As a network, we prioritize the respect of human rights and our obligation to protect individuals and groups against human rights abuses.

We commit to deliberately take care of our mental, emotional and physical health. We will also support and ensure that others we work with make informed choices to manage their self-care needs. Within our workplaces, we will foster a healthy and supportive culture and environment for all that aims to reduce burnout and compassion fatigue, improve job satisfaction, and encourage the growth of staff and the organization.

CariMAN and its members do not tolerate (i.e. we adopt zero tolerance to) violence, harassment or threats in any form – verbal, physical, psychological, sexual or visual – that make others feel otherwise unsafe. Organizationally, this means treating others (including women, children, LBGTQIA+ individuals, persons with disabilities, etc.) as equals inside the office as well as in communities impacted by our activities, programs and projects. CariMAN members seek to work collaboratively, engaging in open dialogue about differences (institutional or otherwise) and achieving consensus building.

Walk the Talk
In relation to the vision and mission of CariMAN, it is imperative for the proper functioning, and for the maintenance of its integrity and good reputation, that members work with their staff to ensure they uphold principles of gender and social justice not only in their professional, but also personal lives.

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