Who We Are

Caribbean Male Action Network (CariMAN) is a regional network of individuals and organizations in Caribbean region working on transforming masculinities and engaging men and boys to promote gender equality.


To challenge the existing social and cultural beliefs and norms around masculinities and advocates for equality and justice for all, by engaging men and boys and strengthening networks and alliances, with individuals and organizations that promote human rights, gender and environmental justice.


To achieve gender, social and environmental justice for all.

Core Principles

Our overall principles are founded on human rights and gender justice for all principles, including but not limited to:

  1. We believe men and boys should be advocates for gender, social and environmental justices.
  2. We affirm the principles of gender equality, and that people of all gender identities should work together towards the common vision of gender and social justice, and freedom of all forms of discrimination and violence.
  3. We acknowledge and respect the diversity among men and boys in the Caribbean region, in terms of age, religion/spiritual beliefs, ethnicity, class, ability, educational background, sexual orientation and identities, geography and any other status to promote positive development, livelihood and existence.
  4. We all encourage men and boys – and all others – to be committed to their families and work to overcome challenges, ideologies and stereotypes that prevent all men from becoming equal partners in the care of children and domestic tasks.
  5. We believe men and boys in the Caribbean region should critically reflect on our histories and engage in the continuous process of self-examination of the patriarchal power inequalities with humility, responsibility, compassion and mutual respect.